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Silverlight 4 Using Visual Basic Student Workbook

Silverlight 4 Using Visual Basic Student Workbook


Quick Overview

This four-day course provides the Visual Basic programmer with a thorough foundation in Silverlight 4.


Microsoft's Silverlight is a new client-side Web technology that enables the implementation of visually stunning Web applications that depend only on a small, easy-to-install plug-in that works in browsers for both Windows and Macintosh. Silverlight 4 provides a cross-platform and cross-browser implementation of the .NET Framework. Out-of-browser support enables Silverlight applications to run disconnected from the Internet. Silverlight applications can be implemented in .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic as well as in JavaScript. This four-day course provides the Visual Basic programmer with a thorough foundation in Silverlight 4. After introducing the Silverlight plug-in and SDK and the programming model for Silverlight, the course provides a thorough survey of Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), which is also the foundation of Windows Presentation Framework (WPF). The course then shows how to use Silverlight to draw shapes, lines, text and images. Layout is discussed in detail, including sizing and positioning of controls and the use of panels. Event handling is covered. There is an introduction to Silverlight animation and the use of video and audio. The last part of the course covers topics in networking, data controls and data binding, and data access. An appendix covers transforms in Silverlight, which can be used to achieve various special visual effects.

Outline, Sample/Evaluation, etc.

Product Code 1-08-00163-000-07-09-10
Audience Programmers needing to create web applications using Silverlight.
Course Length 4 Days
Instructor Kit Description Instructor Kit Includes:
  • Instructor Guide with Pacing
  • Lab Setup Instructions
  • Student Files
  • PDF of Student Workbook for Presentation
  • Prerequisites A basic understanding of Web application development using HTML and programming experience in .NET using Visual Basic. Some exposure to JavaScript would be helpful but is not essential. A basic knowledge of ADO.NET is also desirable for the data access chapter.
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    Revision 7/9/2010

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