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Visual Basic Essentials (VS 2012)

Visual Basic Essentials (VS 2012)

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Visual Basic Essentials (VS 2012) Student Workbook
eBook - Visual Basic Essentials (VS 2012) Student Workbook

Quick Overview

This two-day intensive course is designed for the experienced programmer to help you quickly come up to speed on the Visual Basic language.


It is current to Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5, which continues the introduction of new features in the language, making Visual Basic increasingly parallel to C#. This course concisely covers the essentials of .NET programming using Microsoft’s Visual Basic programming language. It starts with a brief chapter, “.NET: What You Need to Know,” which gets you up and running in the .NET environment with a minimum of fuss. The next two chapters cover Visual Basic language essentials and object-oriented programming in Visual Basic. The next chapter discusses how Visual Basic relates to the .NET Framework. The following chapter covers delegates and events. The course includes a succinct introduction to creating GUI programs using Windows Forms. The course concludes with a chapter covering newer features in Visual Basic. These include iterators and keywords to support asynchronous programming using the Task class, which were introduced in Visual Basic 2012. An appendix provides a tutorial on Visual Studio 2012.

Outline, Sample/Evaluation, etc.

Product Code 1-08-00239-000-05-20-13-grp
Audience Experienced programmers wanting to come up to speed quickly on the Visual Basic language.
Course Length 2 days
Instructor Kit Description Instructor Kit Includes:
  • Instructor Notes
  • Set Up Guide
  • Student Files
  • PDF Slides
  • Prerequisites The student should be an experienced application developer or architect. Some background in object-oriented programming would be helpful.
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    Student Files Download Zip File
    Revision 4.5

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