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Introduction to Python 3

Introduction to Python 3

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Introduction to Python 3 Student Workbook
eBook - Introduction to Python 3 Student Workbook

Quick Overview

This 4 day, hands-on Python course is packed with more than 25 exercises.


This hands-on Python course is packed with more than 25 exercises. Like many programming courses, it begins with a simple "Hello, World!" exercise. From there, students learn about literals, data types, and variables and to collect input from users. Once they have those basics down, students will learn about functions and modules, to work with the math and random modules, to format strings, to index and slice sequences, and to work with the different types of iterables. In the lesson on flow control, students will learn to write conditionals and loops and work with ranges. They'll also learn to write basic list comprehensions. They will build upon this knowledge to learn how to read from and write to files. As part of this, they will learn to create a small list maintenance application. Students will then learn to use exception handling both to catch unexpected errors and as a form of flow control. The course ends with a lesson on dates and times in Python. In addition to teaching how the time and datetime modules work, this lesson provides students with a broader understanding of how computers understand time.

Outline, Sample/Evaluation, etc.

Product Code 1-38-00105-000-10-25-15-grp
Audience The course is aimed at students new to the language who may or may not have experience with other programming languages.
Course Length 4 days
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Prerequisites Some programming experience would be beneficial.
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