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Fast Track to Spring 3.x & Hibernate

Fast Track to Spring 3.x & Hibernate

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Fast Track to Spring 3.x & Hibernate Student Workbook
eBook - Fast Track to Spring 3.x & Hibernate Student Workbook

Quick Overview

This is a demanding and full 5-day course that covers the Spring 3.x and Hibernate 3 technologies including focused coverage of Spring technologies.


This is a demanding and full 5-day course that covers the Spring 3.0 and Hibernate 3 technologies. It includes a focused coverage of the most useful Spring technologies, including the Spring core, Database Access, and Transaction support. The Hibernate material covers all basic areas of Hibernate as well as some advanced topics. The course starts with a fairly comprehensive coverage of the Core features of Spring, including fairly detailed explanations of the motivation behind Spring, Dependency Inversion and Dependency Injection (IoC). It includes coverage of all the basic capabilities, including the various annotation-based configuration options. The data access sections start with coverage of using the Jdbc Template and DaoSupport classes, as well as configuring DataSources. The course then moves on to the basics of Hibernate and mapping classes, then covers Spring / Hibernate integration – mostly using the Hibernate 3 getCurrentSession() support and Dependency Injection of a Session to build Spring-free DAOs. The transaction section is fairly straightforward, and covers the use of Spring’s @Transactional annotation and the XML tx namespace configuration as well as integration with Hibernate.

Outline, Sample/Evaluation, etc.

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Audience Java developers who need to work with Spring based applications.
Course Length 5 Days
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  • Setup Notes
  • Slides
  • Student Files
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    Prerequisites A good working knowledge of basic Java programming, interfaces, and JDBC.
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    Revision 2014.03.18

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