ITCourseware e-Print Solution

To access your ITCourseware e-Print order, please follow the steps below:

    1. Place your order for an e-Print product.

      Use the ITCourseware website to order your e-Print books using the same process used to order our hard copy books. Just log into your account, add the e-Print document(s) you want to the Shopping Cart, and submit the order when you are ready.

    2. Download and install the e-Print PDF OwnerGuard License Manager

      The print licenses are managed through PDF OwnerGuard License Manager which must be downloaded and installed on the PC that will be used as the printing station. Note: You must have Administrator privileges to install this application on your PC.

      1. From a browser on the computer that will be used to print from, navigate to:
      2. Click on the PDF OwnerGuard License Manager link. Choose to save the file to your PC.
      3. When the download is complete, launch the installer.
      4. Click "Next" to display the "License Agreement".
      5. After reading the license agreement, click "I Agree" to continue the installation.
      6. Click "Install" to install PDF OwnerGuard to the default location.
      7. You may select the Start Menu folder (default) for the PDF OwnerGuard shortcut or elect not to create shortcuts. Then click "Next".
      8. Click "Finish" and PDF License Manager will launch automatically.

    1. Email ITCourseware

      Upon launch, PDF OwnerGuard automatically queries your computer hardware and generates a unique computer ID. Email your company name, your name, your phone number, and computer ID to

    2. Register your e-Print License

      After your order has been processed and your computer ID is submitted to ITCourseware, you will receive an email that includes the print license information for your order and the instructions for accessing the encrypted PDF files associated with your order. To enable printing, you must register the new license to your PDF OwnerGuard License Manager.

      1. Open PDF OwnerGuard by double-clicking on the PDF OwnerGuard License Manager icon on your desktop.
      2. Click on the "Register Using License Code" tab at the top of the page.
      3. Open the email you received from ITCourseware.
      4. Copythe license code from the email.</>
      5. Paste the license code into the PDF OwnerGuard "License Code" window.
      6. Copy the project name from the email.
      7. Paste the project name into the PDF OwnerGuard "Project Name" window.
      8. Click on "Add License" button.
      9. The License Acceptance dialog indicates the license is valid. Click OK and PDF OwnerGuard will close.
      10. You should now be able to open and print the encrypted PDF files just as you would any other PDF file.

  1. Download and Print Your Documents

    After the license has been registered to your PDF OwnerGuard License Manager, you must download the encrypted PDF file to your computer. (The URL, as well as the username and password, for the encrypted PDF file was included in the same email that contained your License Code.) After the files are downloaded to your computer, you have 30 days from the date of the license issuance to print the number of copies you need up to the license limit.

  2. Troubleshooting

    If you are unable to print your e-Print documents, first see if your problem is related to one of the known issues that are documented on our e-Print FAQ page. Otherwise, please email us at or call at 303-302-5280 or 1-800-292-2652