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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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eBook Questions:

How do eBooks work?

Please see our eBook FAQ page for more information on eBooks.

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Customization Questions:

Can I put my own covers on your courseware?

In most cases, the answer is yes.  Email us a PDF of your cover and we will submit it to our printer.  There is a one time $100.00 USD charge per title.

Can the ITC courses be condensed to teach them in less time?

Many of the ITC courses can be presented in less time by eliminating topics from the delivery or diminishing the degree of coverage. It is possible, however, that there may be issues of build-upon labs or foundations for subsequent objective coverage that may limit content removal. We are happy to answer any content questions you may have about our courses.

Can I create a custom course using content from different courses?

We can not mix content from multiple courseware providers into a single document due to the complexities of ensuring copyright protection. However, we can generally work with courseware providers to custom-build course books using content they own. We can also package two or more off-the-shelf courses in a single student kit. We can even add custom content you may want to include. 

Can I create a custom 3-day course from a 4 or 5-day course?

Generally, the answer is yes, but we always ask the courseware provider to make sure that any content changes do not interfere with successful hands-on-exercises or violate pre-requisite knowledge requirements.

Can I combine multiple courses into a single orderable product?

Yes, you can. We can even add content that you provide to tailor the bundle for your client or your business. Once the initial order is placed, the order information will be retained in your shopping cart history, allowing you to reorder them online when desired.

To start your customization project, please email ITCourseware Sales.

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Discount Questions:

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we offer volume discounts on most of our courseware products. Our custom services, software-based products, and service deliveries are generally not discountable. Please contact ITCourseware Sales.

Do you offer discounts to educational institutions?

We are very happy to work with Universities, colleges, and Technical Schools. Please contact ITCourseware Sales.

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Evaluation and Sample Copy Questions:

Can I evaluate the course materials before I make a purchase?

Yes, you can. We have sample PDFs for every course consisting of the table of contents, the first chapter, and one to two additional chapters or sample labs, depending on the course length and content complexity. These are free and accessible from our website. Click on the title of the course you are interested in evaluating. Then go to the section labeled: "Outline, Sample/Evaluation, Etc." to view or download the evaluation PDF.

Can I purchase one copy to evaluate the materials?

We have created sample versions of every course which include the table of contents, the first chapter, and one to two  additional chapters or sample labs, depending on the course length. These are free and accessible from our website. Single copies of the student guides or instructor kits may be purchased if desired.

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Payment and Credit Card Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) as well as PayPal. For credit card orders, please note that we use billing address confirmation to approve orders. The billing address provided via our shopping cart must match the billing address the credit card company has on file.

How does PayPal work?

Please see the PayPal Help Center for more information on PayPal.

I know my credit card is valid, why is it being rejected?

There are many reasons why a credit card may be not be accepted. The most frequent causes for rejection are:

    • The credit card number entered contains an error
    • The credit card is expired or there is an error in the Expiration Date entry
    • The credit card spending limit is or will be exceeded
    • The billing address entered does not match the billing address on file with the credit card company
    • The card is being used to transact multiple purchases of the same price within two hours

The last two cases are protections that are imposed by banks to prevent fraudulent charges. Please verify that all information entered is correct, that the spending limit is not or will not be exceeded, and that you are not attempting to process a transaction for the same amount in less than two hours. Then try again. If you are still having trouble, please call us during our normal working hours, and we will attempt to help you.

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Product, Product Delivery, and Product Promotion Questions:

What is in an instructor kit?

Instructor kits may vary from course to course, depending on author treatment. Generally speaking, the kit will include:

  • Pacing guidelines - Suggestions to how much time should be spent on each topic area to achieve the stated course length. This may be a stand-alone document or included in the instructor guidebook.
  • Lab Solutions - Lab solutions are provided for courses incorporating complex exercises, and downloadable Student Files are made accessible to establish pre-defined conditions.
  • Presentation Slides -  Most courses provide presentation slides in PDF format.
  • Additional Presentation Aids - A few courses make use of wall charts, handouts, and other presentation aids which will be included in the instructor kit.
  • Student files - For courses requiring pre-defined software conditions, downloadable files are available.

To see what an instructor kit includes for a specific course: Click on the title of the course you are interested in evaluating. Then go to the section labeled: "Outline, Sample/Evaluation, Etc."

A link to download the instructor kit is provided with the purchase of every student workbook which has one.

What is in an instructor workbook?

In most cases, the course is designed so that the instructor teaches from the same book that students use. In this case, just order a copy of the Student Workbook for the instructor to use in preparation and presentation.

In some cases, the author provides a separate Instructor Workbook which is a uniquely annotated guidebook with delivery notes and other information for the instructor only. The Instructor Workbook is listed as a separate orderable product for those courses which have one.

Do you provide PDF copies of your courseware?

No.  However, for most of our courses you can order an eBook if you prefer a soft-copy solution. Please see our eBook FAQ page for more information about eBooks.

Can I use your course materials for self-paced study?

Some of our course materials are suitable for either classroom presentation or self-paced individual study. Those courses are identified as "appropriate for self-study" in the course description. Courses that are not so indicated are designed for instructor-led or facilitated learning and are not suitable for self study.

Can you provide instructors or facilitators?

We do not provide instructors or facilitators, but we do maintain a list of contract resources for many of our courses which we will provide on a request basis.

Can I put your outlines on my website?

Yes, you can. You may download and use the pdf versions from our website, just as they are. You may also customize them using your own company logos by copying and pasting the content from our pdf versions, or email ITCourseware Customer Support to request MS Word versions. The only requirement is that our copyright notice and/or the copyright notice of our authors must be included on the outlines.

Can I use the IIBA endorsement logo for the BA courses I offer from your store?

You may use the logo to indicate that the course material has been IIBA endorsed. You may NOT advertise your course deliveries as IIBA endorsed unless you are registered with IIBA and meet their requirements.

Do I need to use IIBA endorsed or approved instructors to teach your Business Analysis Courses?

If you are not advertising your courses as IIBA endorsed, the answer is no. Any subject matter expert may teach the courses. However, you must be registered with IIBA and meet their requirements to present your organization as an IIBA endorsed delivery entity. This endorsement is necessary for your students to use your classes to meet the certification training requirements.

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Return Policy Questions:

What is your Courseware return policy?

Standard ILT courseware products may be returned or exchanged up to 30 days after the purchase date, provided that the books are the current version, and their original shrink-wrap is intact. Contact ITCourseware Customer Support for return approval. Authorized returns will be subject to a restocking charge of 15% of the returned product's list price. The returned books must be received in our office within the 30 day deadline. Defective or incorrect products will be exchanged at no charge. Note: Custom Courseware and eBook sales are final. No returns are accepted.

Can I return an eBook?

No eBook returns are accepted. Please see our eBook FAQ or more information regarding eBooks.

Why is there a restocking fee on returned courseware?

We hate restocking fees too. However, since we print all of our materials on demand, and our courseware is updated frequently, we may not have the opportunity to resell a returned product. The restocking fee is simply used to cover our printing costs.

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Shipping and Transit Questions:

How long will it take to get my materials?

Our courseware is printed on demand in the U.S.A. If your order is placed on a business day, it will be shipped on the following business day.  If your order is placed on a holiday or weekend, it wil be shipped withing two business days. Domestic USA shipping options include FEDEX Ground, FEDEX 2-day, FEDEX Standard Overnight, and FEDEX First Overnight. Shipping time is a function of destination and shipping method selected. For more information please see our Shipping Information page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally, however all printing and product fulfillment is done only in the U.S. All shipments are sent via FedEx International Priority. Delivery is generally within two days to most major metropolitan areas. For more information please see our Shipping Information page.

Why is there no option for "International Economy" shipping?

Our fulfillment center ships such a large volume using the "International Priority" level of service that their discount level surpasses the price benefit of the lower level of service. We pass the savings on to you, so you receive a higher level of service at a comparable price.

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General Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Our regular office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Our offices will be closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day (if falling on a Saturday, the Friday prior. If falling on a Sunday, the Monday after)
  • Memorial Day 
  • Independence Day (if falling on a Saturday, the Friday prior. If falling on a Sunday, the Monday after)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday 
  • Christmas Day (if falling on a Saturday, the Friday prior. If falling on a Sunday, the Monday after)


Do you have a minimum order requirement?

We do not enforce minimum quantity orders. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to parties who have, or who we have reason to believe, violated the copyrights of our authors.

Is there a way to search the entire content for terms versus just the titles?

Yes, there is an "Advanced Search" feature accessible from the bottom of the each page that allows you to specify search parameters.

How can I list my content on your website?

ITCourseware's business model is as a licensed reseller of content paying royalties on net sales. See our Courseware Author Information page, or contact us at sales@itcourseware.com for more information.

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