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Oracle® 12c Courseware

Oracle® Database, Oracle's Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), serves as the database platform for applications and enterprises of all sizes, from modest single-instance small business databases to high-availability computing grids implementing cluster databases with Oracle RAC Database and Oracle Clusterware.

Non-technical end-users can easily query data with industry-standard SQL (Structured Query Language), while developers can use both basic and advanced features of SQL including Online Analytic Processing (OLAP) functions, data warehouse features, a variety of index and table types, and PL/SQL, Oracle's procedural language extension to SQL (allowing creation of triggers, stored procedures and functions, and packages), to develop scalable and robust enterprise solutions. Database Administrators use SQL, PL/SQL, and tools including backup, recovery, and data export/import and loading utilities, as well as Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) DBConsole and Grid Control to implement and manage the database files and instance processes, to configure Oracle Net Services, and to manage backup and recovery.

Oracle 12c focuses on Oracle's cloud-based offerings, with a new architecture - Plugable Databases (PDBs) - designed for rapid deployment and migration in a multi-tenant environment. Oracle also introduced important new features for developers in SQL and PL/SQL.

The Oracle Database courseware in this category is designed to teach both end-users and developers accessible but powerful SQL query and data manipulation (DML) skills, then to teach developers critical programming and optimization techniques using advanced SQL and PL/SQL features.

Looking for training materials for a different version of Oracle? ITCourseware also provides training materials for Oracle 11g and Oracle 10g.

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  1. Introduction to Oracle 12c SQL Programming

    This 2-day course is written to help technical and managerial staff make the best use of the most current Oracle database release to build a consolidated database environment.
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    Student Price: $80.00

  2. Introduction to Oracle 12c PL/SQL Programming

    This 3- day courseware is designed to teach both end-users and developers accessible but powerful SQL query and data manipulation (DML) skills, then teach critical programming and optimization techniques using advanced PL/SQL features.
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    Student Price: $120.00

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