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Many of our customers' learning and development goals demand a unique solution. We have a long history of creating custom courseware, ranging from tailoring simple cover changes, to eliminating content that is not relevant to a given audience, to adapting content from multiple courses into a series of workbooks to accomplish seamless deliveries.

The vast majority of our courseware is designed to accommodate content changes down to the chapter level. This means that adding, moving or deleting chapters, content and appendices is possible in order to best serve your learners. Our talented and committed staff will discuss your requests with our courseware providers and quickly determine the feasibility, scope, and cost of your customization. In the right circumstances, we are even able to find and/or create new content, or integrate your own content depending on the need. All custom books are re-paginated and have a reformatted table of contents providing a professional, finished look.

We can also help you co-brand by adding your company logo to our covers or even maintain your own look-and-feel by putting your covers on the books you order. Whether you would like your logo and your company name printed on our standard covers or you would like to use your own covers for increased branding and visibility, we can accommodate your needs.

Learning solutions from multiple vendors made easy. The protection of content copyright is important to keep in mind. Content from multiple providers cannot be combined in a single publication. However, it is possible to create separately published course modules presented as a series of workbooks in a predefined order. We can even shrink wrap them into separately ordered and deliverable student kits. This solution has worked well for many of our customers, and our staff can help you work this design into your specific needs.

To discover the many creative ways in which our talented staff can help you achieve your goals, please contact our Account Managers.


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