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Let Us Market and Sell Your Courseware For You

Thank you for your interest in providing courseware for sale through our family of e-stores. We specialize in marketing and selling the highest quality courseware products to a global market that we have developed over our 17 year history. We are committed to continuously expanding and updating our courseware portfolio, which is a primary factor with regard to expanding our client base. The majority of our courseware products are provided to us by practicing experts who desire to leverage their courseware development efforts to create additional sources of income.

Our publishing model is unique from most other publishers in that we do not seek copyright ownership or exclusive rights for marketing and sales of the courseware products we publish. The courseware creators retain all rights of ownership and are entitled to market and sell their content through other channels in addition to using them to deliver training themselves if that is desirable.

Our courseware providers are independent business people who license ITCourseware to market and resell their content through our e-store. Because of this unique relationship, we are able to pay royalties that are typically higher than those of other publishers. In our model, the author determines the retail price for their courseware products. We market and sell the courseware leveraging our global market presence, applying discounts when necessary to accomplish volume and market penetration objectives.

We produce and then print the course materials on demand and ship them to wherever the customer needs them to be. We subtract all our costs, which generally account for about 50 percent of the sales price, and split the remainder with the courseware owner. To avoid the administrative costs associated with detailed tracking of every sale, we agree with the courseware owners in advance to a royalty percentage which is calculated against the aggregated net sales for the quarter.

The content provided to us by the courseware owners includes a student kit, an instructor kit, and marketing materials for each course. These courseware components are described in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Student kits typically consist of a student guide and whatever supplemental materials, i.e. lab guide, etc. that the author deems appropriate. The student guide is provided to assist the students in following the instructor presentations and to facilitate the taking of notes during lecture. In those cases where there are labs or breakout exercises, the labs and exercises may be documented in the student guides or included in separate documents. An example of additional materials is a worksheet that is distributed by the instructor at the beginning of a breakout session to facilitate data capture.

Instructor kits may vary from course to course depending on author treatment. Generally speaking, the kit will include:

  • Instructor guidebook - In some cases the course is designed so that the instructor teaches from the same book that students use. In other cases, the instructor guide is a uniquely annotated guidebook.
  • Pacing guidelines - Suggestions to how much time should be spent on each topic area to achieve the course objectives in the stated course length. This may be a stand-alone document or included in the instructor guidebook.
  • Lab Solutions - Lab solutions are provided for courses incorporating complex exercises, and downloadable Student Files are made accessible to establish predefined conditions.
  • Presentation Slides - Some courses provide PowerPoint presentations, others provide PDF versions of the slides which can be presented using PDF viewers.
  • Additional Presentation Aids - Some courses make use of wall charts, handouts, and other presentation aids which will be included in the instructor kit.
  • Student files - For courses requiring predefined software conditions, downloadable files are made accessible.

Marketing materials include courseware specific information that we use in our e-store listing, in our news letters, and in the product announcements. Following is a listing of the details that we will require.

  • Brief description of your courses. This is the description that customers see when they first click on your product.
  • Detailed description of your courses. This is the description that customers see when they click on "Learn More."
  • Target audience definition, Prerequisites, and Detailed Course Outline - See "Outline, Sample/Evaluation, etc." tab at the above link for examples.
  • Sample/evaluation - This is a non-printable PDF of the cover sheet, table of contents, first chapter, and one to two other chapters that you have selected to highlight the quality of your materials. This allows customers to evaluate your courseware prior to making a purchase decision.

Depending on the degree of visibility our courseware vendors desire, we can re-brand the materials with our covers maintaining owner copyrights, or we can publish them branded to the courseware owner.

If presenting your courseware materials for sale through the ITCourseware store is of interest to you, please email us at ITCourseware Sales including contact information, and one of our management team members will contact you.

Thank you,
ITCourseware Management Team

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